Port Characteristics

The Port of Ravenna represents the only port in the Emilia-Romagna Region. By virtue of its strategic geographic position, the Port of Ravenna is a leading port in Italy for its trade with the markets of the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea (almost 40% of the national total and excluding coal and oil products) and plays an important role as regards trade with the markets of the Middle and Far East.

The inclusion of Ravenna in the main road network system and its connections with the main transport networks, render the port easily accessible from most important Italian and European centers. Its connections with the motorway network ensure fast transfers towards the Northern Italian Regions, the Alpine Regions and bordering countries and with the Central and Northern European countries. The connection with Rome and the South is assured by the E45 freeway and the A14 motorway respectively.

MAR 026

Its inclusion in the main road network system and its connections with the main transport networks, render the Port of Ravenna an accessible hub for most important Italian and European markets, which is the reason why it was added by the European Community in the proposed review of the TEN-T network regulations, becoming the southern terminal of Corridor n.1 Baltic-Adriatic (which will link Helsinki to Ravenna, and on the basis of which the railway connections Vienna-Udine-Venice-Ravenna and Trieste-Venice-Ravenna are expected to take place) and forming part of one of the 83 shortlisted European “core ports”.

In addition to the road network, the rail network has also grown considerably and is connected to the main terminals. In fact the port of Ravenna is capable of handling by rail about 12% of the goods in transit. This is also possible thanks to the activities carried out by specialized companies and over 50 forwarding agencies. The latter guarantee efficiency and professionalism in all aspects of transport: road and rail distribution, door to door maritime services and warehousing solutions for FCL and LCL containers, consolidated air shipments. In addition, they assure constant updates on customs procedures.

Furthermore, the container and general cargo handling terminals constitute real and actual intermodal hubs.

The closest airports to Ravenna’s city center are: Forlì (30 km and a 30 min. drive away), Rimini (60 km and a 50 min. drive away) and Bologna (80 km and a 50 min. drive away).

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