The Port Authority of Ravenna carries out the project activities of the realization works within the port ambit using a specific database from which geological and geotechnical information can be obtained.

For state-owned land areas, the Port Authority of Ravenna also has the responsibility of maintaining environmental hygiene, and as such cleaning services are provided in these port areas.

The periodic maintenance of the port canal’s seabed takes place in accordance with authorization procedures and sediment quality controls prior to port dredging. Regular controls and characterization of the dredged materials are carried out for the purpose of disposing of these in the designated disposal sites present in the port area. When the characteristics of the dredged materials allow for it, the Port Authority uses the dredged sediments in beach nourishment and shoreline protection measures.

The periodic maintenance of the seabed of the port channel is in compliance with authorization procedures and quality control of sediments, preparatory to the port dredging. Regular checkups and characterization of materials are implemented for the purpose of providing the same to the present remedied in the port area. When the characteristics of the material allow the Port Authority uses sediment dredging for beach nourishment of beaches and shorelines.

– Wetland areas



An example of how it is possible to safeguard a nature preserve of one of the most important wetlands in the territory without hindering the site’s economic and industrial development, is that of the Pialassa del Piombone.

Given the progressive worsening in the quality of environmental conditions due to water renewal difficulties and the subsequent impoverishment of the aquatic environment, a new reclamation intervention project of the Pialassa has been laid out – to be implemented through the physical separation of the valley wetlands from the port areas through a natural embankment – which allows the reactivation of water circulation and therefore maintains the aquatic environment healthy, while creating the best conditions for the activities in the areas overlooking the basin to coexist without interfering with the protected area.

This intervention forms part of a wider recovery and conservation project of the Port Authority of the areas not subjected to port related activities.



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