With the start of the operations in 2011 of the new Cruise Terminal in Porto Corsini, Ravenna has entered fully into the Mediterranean cruise circuit, diversifying and expanding the offering of its port, and opening up to the wealthy segment of the holiday market. Already in the first year of its operation, the new Cruise Terminal has handled more than 80 large cruise liners with more than 156,000 passengers.

The cruise port constitutes therefore a great tourism development opportunity for the city and for the local territory thanks to the revenues it generates.

Cruise Schedule 2016


Port Authority:

  • further dredging (up to a depth of 11.5 meters)
  • sewer connection, water supply, roads and parking lots
  • realization of the third pier to accommodate up to 3 vessels simultaneously


RTP, Ravenna Terminal Passeggeri, is the company managing the Cruise Terminal until 2019:

construction of a fully-equipped Maritime station in order to induce cruise companies to consider Ravenna as a homeport, arrival / departure port for cruises.

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