Ravenna Port Hub (code: 2012-IT-91002-S)

Main objectives of the action

The Global Project (GP) – ‘Hub Development Plan of Ravenna’ – comprises the following interventions:

  • Marine port infrastructure (dredging the canal in order to accommodate larger vessels);
  • Land side port infrastructure (upgrading and developing infrastructure and platform services, handling areas and freight storage areas);
  • Port accessibility (developing and creating an “integrated network” between maritime infrastructure and land-based infrastructure).

The intervention, is divided into three main stages. The GP aims at maximising the port’s capacity, at pace with the evolution of maritime traffic, through infrastructure development. Interventions are then required to guarantee all necessary conditions (e.g. space, water depth, facilities, access and connections) to handle larger vessels and higher traffic volumes.

The GP is the main intervention included in the 2007 Master Plan of the Port of Ravenna which was adopted by the Ravenna Port Authority (RPA) on 9.03.2007, and approved by the Provincial Government in 2010 and, in the same year, was included in the Italian Strategic Infrastructure Program and therefore approved on 26.10.2012 (Resolution no. 98), at its preliminary project stage, by the CIPE (Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning) which granted RPA a contribution of 60 million euro, for the implementation of Stage I, while the RPA will commit further 77 million euro (a part of which from bank – or other financial institution- loan) as self-financing.

The Action, as a necessary component of the GP, concerns the completion of the final detailed design of the works related to the Stages I and II, as well as the provision of the necessary supporting technical analyses:

Stage I:

  • Dredging activities related to the front port area and to the main port canals achieving water depths varying from a minimum of 11,5 metres to a maximum of 14,0 metres;
  • Upgrading of at least 3.900 metres of existing quays impacted by the proposed interventions and construction of a new 600 metres long terminal container quay.

Stage II:

  • Upgrading of existing quays in the main port canal.

The main objectives of the Action are:

  • to proceed from preliminary design to detailed design stage;
  • to process the results (recommendations and requirements) from relevant stakeholders in the context of the Stakeholders Conference for Approval (SCA) having as its subject the preliminary design;
  • to develop and complete the environmental, archaeological, geological and geotechnical investigations.
  • to update the existing traffic forecast and business plan;

At the end of the Action, RPA will have available the detailed design which will be promptly submitted to CIPE together with the supporting technical analyses for the verification of its compliance to the settled requirements and recommendations, in order to have the release of the public contribution of € 60 million granted with Resolution 98/2012 and to make the works of the Stage I effective in a timely manner.


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